Kaleider is Beautiful Kaleidoscope Screensaver for Windows

Kaleidoscope is a Windows screensaver that features many exciting effects including mirroring, 3D mirroring, funneling and kaleidoscopic effects. In addition to playing the graphical effects on your screen, it also plays cool music in the background. When the screensaver becomes active, it displays a small control box near the bottom right corner.

During the installation, it gives you an option to install the screensaver as the default one for your system. You can also select it as the default screensaver at a later time after the installation too. For changing the screensaver, you have to use the command control desk.cpl,screensaver,@screensaver from the Run dialog which can be accessed using the hotkey Win+R.


In the settings for the Kaleider screensaver, we have tons of options. We can choose which images are to be used for generating the effects and in which order they are to be used. We can choose the type of effects to be used (kaleidoscope, mirroring, 3D mirroring, funneling), their frequency and how often they are to be used. We can also configure individual settings for these effects too.


Since Kaleider screensaver also plays the audio files in the background, there are options for audio too. We can choose the directory where the audio files are placed. We can choose options whether the audio is to be played, whether it should be played in loop, whether the audio player should be displayed and so on.


While it appears to be using a whole lot of GPU power in order to draw these effects on your screen, it is actually using a very bare minimal number of system resources. We can adjust the effects, turn off effects, change the pictures used and apply custom audio files. We can also save the settings to a configuration file which we can load anytime later.

You can download Kaleider from https://www.whizical.com/.