How to Disable New Print Interface in Firefox Browser

If you are a Firefox user, then you must have observed that Firefox now displays a new interface when you try to print any webpage or picture. In this printing interface, you can see a print preview of the webpage that you are going to print, choose the paper orientation (landscape or portrait), color mode (color or grey scale), and can also choose the pages to print.

Through this new print user interface, we can also choose to save the page as PDF instead of printing it. However, people who do a lot of printing from their web browser are not happy with this new interface. They want to have the good old classic dialog back that they have been using for years.

Disable New Print Interface in Firefox

Here is how you can disable the new print interface in Firefox:

  1. Enter about:config in the Firefox address bar.
  2. Proceed by clicking on Accept the risk and continue.
  3. In the search box, type print.tab_modal to find the settings we want.
  4. Double-click on print.tab_modal.enabled to change its value to false.Disable New Print Interface in Firefox
  5. Now you have disable the new print interface in Firefox.

If at any later time, you want to re-enable the new print user interface in Firefox, then you can repeat the same steps. In the step 4, you will be changing the value to true in order to enable the new user interface for printing pages.

After you have disable the new print interface in Firefox, if you try to print anything in Firefox, it will display the classic system print dialog directly. This is really useful if you are not interested in the features offered by the new interface. You can keep using the system print dialog which offers everything you need for printing web pages using your connected printer.

Disable New Print Interface in Firefox

If you want to save the pages as PDF file, then you can install a virtual PDF printer such as BullZip PDF which offers far more features about creating PDF files through printing than any other similar software.

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