Learn New Languages While Browsing with Toucan for Chrome

When we think of learning a new languages, we think of schools, classes, lectures, teachers, books and dictionaries. But what if you do not need any of these to learn a new language? Thank to a new Chrome browser extension called Toucan, now anyone can learn a new language just by browsing the internet.

We already browse the internet everyday to read news articles, blogs and social media posts or tweets. While doing all these usual things, we can learn about new words from a different language through Toucan. Even though the approach is very slow, it can help the students who are already learning a language in a traditional school.

After installing Toucan for Chrome browser, you can start learning new words for the new language. As you open a new webpage, it will display some words for your learning. It is going to automatically translate a few of the words into a language that you are trying to learn.

Toucan for Chrome

For example, if you are trying to learn Spanish and you wish an English website, it will change soap to sopa on that page. When you hover your mouse cursor over the translated word, it will give you the meaning. In this manner, we can learn a few new words everyday.

From the settings of Toucan, we can change the languages that we speak and that we want to learn. We can choose English and Spanish for spoken languages. We can choose French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew or Hindi for the languages that you are trying to learn.

Toucan for Chrome

By default, it sets only 2 new words to be learned by the user everyday. But we can speed up the learning the new languages by learning more words daily. In the settings, we can change number of words to less, more, a lot etc. There is even a higher setting but it is available only for the paid users.

Toucan for Chrome

Toucan makes it easy to learn new words from a new language by mixing the new language words in everyday web browsing. This is similar to like taking language classes where the teacher forces the students to learn about new words regularly.

You can get the Toucan extension for the Chrome browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/toucan-language-learning/lokjgaehpcnlmkebpmjiofccpklbmoci/.