How to Send “View Once” Pictures on WhatsApp

If you remember the Mission Impossible series of movies featuring Tom Cruise who plays Ethan Hunt, they all started with a self-destructing message. Ethan Hunt receives a message and as soon as the message is read, a countdown is started after which the message is exploded and destroyed completely.

Now we have a similar feature on WhatsApp called “View Once Media”. Using this feature when you send pictures or videos to your acquaintances on WhatsApp, they can view the pictures or videos only one time. As soon as they have done viewing the picture, it will completely disappear from the chat and the mobile device.

Here are some of the features of “View Once Media”:

  • View once media can be viewed only once after which is disappears.
  • View once media cannot be saved to the local storage.
  • Even the sender cannot view the “View once media” after sending it.

Here is how you can send “View Once Media” on WhatsApp:

  1. When you are chatting with a person on WhatsApp, tap on the attach icon or the camera icon.
  2. Select a picture or video from your phone. You can also take a fresh picture using the camera in your phone.View Once PIctures on WhatsApp
  3. Before sending the picture, tap on the “View Once” icon (1 inside a circle).
  4. This is it, now can send the picture.

This picture (or video) will not appear in the chat like the ordinary pictures. The recipient only sees a message followed by the “View Once” icon (1 inside a circle).

View Once PIctures on WhatsApp

As soon as they tap on this icon, the picture is displayed on their phone. When they swipe the screen or tap on the back button, the picture disappears not only from their screen but also from the chat.

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