Listen to Your Music Collection with Portable Kaseto

Even though the online music streaming apps have become very popular these days, some of us still have music or audio files collection on our local storage drives. I personally have hundreds of MP3 files containing classic radio shows like Father Knows the Best, Our Miss Brooks or My Favorite Husband. These are comedy shows from the golden era of the American radio and they still manage to make us smile after all these decades.

For listening to these precious audio files collection which comprises of music, interviews, audio books and radio shows, I usually turn on 1by1 which in itself is a marvelous audio player. But there are other lightweight audio players such as Kaseto.

Kaseto is a light weight audio files player for Windows. It can be installed on any Windows PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10. They also offers a portable version of the audio player which does not require any installation.


After launching Kaseto, we have to click on the select folder and choose the folder that contains your audio files. It supports many popular audio file formats such as MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA and M4A (AAC). The program also supports drag-n-drop feature making it very easy to add new audio files to the Kaseto list.

Kaseto can play audio files in random order or sequentially. We can also make the program play them in a loop again and again. The tracks can be categorized and arranged based on the albums, genres, artists, and can see them all under Tracks.

The program allows the users to change the metadata of audio files which means that we can change the album cover image, album names, artists, genres and the release information. All this metadata is stored inside the audio files in form of tags such as ID3.

Kaseto also offers creations of playlists containing your audio files. It is a really fast and lightweight audio player with a small footprint. It does not have advanced features like 1by1 but it plays back audio files without being complicated.

You can download Kaseto from