Maximize Always : Forces Programs to Run Maximized

There are some programs that are (mistakenly) designed to run in normal small window size. Even when we maximize their window, they start in the smaller window again when the next time they are launched. This makes things a bit annoying for the users.

Earlier we wrote about how FAR manager was always starting in the small normal state window and how we found a workaround to make FAR manager always start maximized. But then a reader sent an email message about yet another way to always start a program maximized – through a freeware “Maximize Always”.

This program is designed to find and make configured applications always run in the maximized window state. After the installation, you have to add all the programs to its list so that they can be maximized automatically as soon as they are launched.

Maximize Always

There are three ways for adding programs to the Maximize Always list:

  1. Adding by drag-n-drop target: In this method, we have to drag the bulls-eye image from the Maximize Always window on to the target application window. Maximize Always will automatically identify the program and then fill in the required details.
  2. Adding by manually picking the filename: In this method, we can either type in the name of the program or click on the Browse button to select to pick the program executable (e.g., notepad.exe) and then click on the Add button to finally add it to the list.
  3. Adding through wildcards or RegEx: If you want to detect programs through their window title text, then this is also possible. We can use either wildcards (e.g., note*) to add the title text or we can use RegEx (e.g., ^Notepad).

Once you have added the programs to the list, you can click on the OK button to save the configuration. It will continue to run in the background. Whenever you launch a program that matches the criteria in the configuration, it will automatically maximize it.

You can download Maximize Always from