Measure Anything with Ruler App for Android

A ruler is used to measure distance between various points or measure dimensions of an object easily. We all remember the ruler we had in high-school. It was used to make physical measurements of various geometric figures. This rule had markings for centimeters on one edge and on the opposite edge it had markings for measuring in the inches. A small ruler allowed measurement of 6 inches while the large one allowed maximum measurement of 12 inches.

Similar to that plastic ruler that came with the geometry sets for high school, we now have a virtual ruler that can be used from any Android smartphone. This Ruler app for Android is a very interesting app as it displays a ruler on the screen. We can change its setting to use inches or centimeters just like in a real ruler.

Ruler App for Android

On the right-side of your smartphone screen a rule will be displayed. We can mark the starting and ending of the measurement for an object that we are trying to measure. The center of the screen will display the accurate measure. In the case of inches scale, it can display the measurement up to 1/16th of an inch. In the case of centimeters, it can show the measurement up to 1/10th of a centimeter.

Ruler App for Android

Having a ruler in your smartphone is a very useful thing as we can measure things with it whenever we want. There are situations when we need a ruler but we cannot find any. In those times, the Ruler app can prove to very handy. It does not have any special requirements and can run on any Android phone. However, if your smartphone has a larger screen (like 6 inches or more) then it is going to be much more useful. With a larger screen, the range of measurement increases in itself.

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