Save Any Selected Text to a Local File in Mozilla Firefox

Internet has so much knowledge that it will take many life times to even come closer to half of it. There are millions of books available on sites like Amazon, there are blogs and news sites. So much text information that we would want to save for later. For saving text snippets of interesting or useful information we can either use note taking apps like Evernote , or we can use an extension called Save Text to File for Firefox. This extension allows the user to save the selected text to a local file in seconds.

After installing Save Text to File extension in Firefox, you can start using it right away. But it is better to have a look at its settings and customize how the files are saved. In the file name we can arrange the order in which various components are added, we can add the date or time in the file name, we can add the page title as a prefix, and we can choose the components separater in the file name.

Save Text to File in Firefox

We can also choose to add the page URL inside the text file, choose a folder where the files are saved, and decide what to do if the file with the same name already exists.

Using the extension is pretty easy. First of all you have to make a selection of text on any webpage. The webpage could be from a website or from a local web page. After this right-click on the selection and then choose Save Text to File from the right-click context-menu.

Save Text to File in Firefox

The file is instantly saved to a local folder and the user is notified. You can find all the saved text files in the download history of your Firefox web browser by pressing the Ctrl+J hotkey.

Save Text to File in Firefox

Save Text to File is a really productive extension for everyone who is researching on a topic online and wants to save text snippets really fast. It does not take too much effort when using this extension and we can save text from hundreds of sites for later use.

You can get the Save Text To File extension for Firefox browser from