Panda Dark Web Scanner : Find Your Details in Data Leaks

A few days ago we all heard about another massive data breach – this time T-Mobile data was stolen. According to various sources, the data belonging to almost 40 million customers of T-Mobile was hacked and then made available for purchase on the dark web. We also published about the T-Mobile data breach and how one can find if their information was stolen.

But if you a Panda Antivirus customer then you can use the Dark Web Scanner feature to find out whether your information was included in the latest data breach. This feature is available in the Panda Windows Antivirus and Panda Free Cloud Antivirus. Here is how you can use Panda Dark Web Scanner:

  1. Double-click on the Panda Dome icon in the notification area or on the Panda Dome shortcut on the desktop. This will open the Panda Dome user interface.Panda Dark Web Scanner
  2. Click on the Panda Dark Web Scanner icon. Then click on Open Dark Web Scanner.Panda Dark Web Scanner
  3. When Dark Web Scanner opens up in the web browser, you have to login to your Panda account.
  4. After login, you can enter your email address that is associated to your Panda account. Only this email address can be entered as Panda does not allow checking for multiple e-mail addresses at present.Panda Dark Web Scanner
  5. If your email address was found in any of data breaches then you will be alerted and then you can scroll down to see more details.Panda Dark Web Scanner

Panda also advises that if you find out that your email address was part of any of the massive data breaches, then you should quickly change the account password. In addition, you should also enable two-factor authentication and if possible enable login through a security key. Most of the email address providers are now offering multiple security features to avoid any problems arising from such data breaches that are becoming all too common.