RJ TextEd : Source Code Editor that Supports Many Languages

Whether you are a computer programming student or a seasoned developer, you are going to need a source code editor that can fulfill all your need without being too much obtrusive. There are very popular source code editors like Eclipse and Visual Studio but if you are looking for a lightweight code editor then you should definitely give RJ TextEd a try.

RJ TextEd is a free Unicode text and source code editor for Windows. It is a full featured text editor and comes with all the usual tools such as those for editing the text, searching, replacement, insertion of special symbols, and more. It is a powerful web editor and supports web languages such as HTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and CSS. For a large number of programming languages it provides syntax highlighting.

RJ TextEd

RJ TextEd is offered both as a portable program and in form of a setup installer. The portable version is very useful as we can use it on any computer without installing it first. We can keep it on a USB flash drive and use it whenever we want to get in the development mode on any PC. However it does not offer any feature to compile or build programs or projects from within the editor. For example, we cannot compile C++ programs even if the GNU C compiler set is installed on the PC.

One of the most impressive feature of RJ TextEd is the File Commander. We can browse the files using the Midnight Commander style dual-pane file browser. This way we can open the files easily and select them to be included in other source code files. If you are working on a web project then it allows you to upload the files to a FTP server directly from the editor. It also allows you to have a preview of your HTML files inside the Edge web browser without having to leave the editor window.

RJ TextEd is definitely a powerful source code editor that comes with all the tools one would desire from a text editor. It is portable and does not tax the system resources too much. It is an ideal code editor for both the new and the advanced coders.

You can download RJ TextEd from https://www.rj-texted.se/.