Play World of Tanks Game for Free

World of Tanks is a multiplayer game that takes us back in the old times of World War 1, World War 2 and Cold War era. It features some of the realistic tanks or armored vehicles from the twentieth century. The game is completely free to play but you can add extra premium content by paying for the subscription. For example, you can access some of the premium tank models by buying them.

World of Tanks is available for almost all the devices. It can be played on Windows PC, on Mac and on various consoles such as PlayStation, XBox 360 and more. It has different dedicated websites for the different regions of the world which makes it easy for everyone to download the game data without overloading the servers.

In the game you are given a tank and it is placed on a map where some battle is taking place. You have to take a side in the battle and work with your allies to defeat the enemy. The goal of the each battle is either to eliminate the enemies or take over the enemy territory for a long period of time. If your tank is destroyed you lose the game.

World of Tanks

Just like in the Unreal Tournament style, you have many game modes – random battle on a random map, team training battles, team battles, strong hold battles, time battles and more. You can choose from a large number of vehicles which include tanks of all kinds from many different eras and manufactured in various countries. There are American tanks, German tanks, Japanese tanks, Russian tanks and tanks of all sizes and capacities.

You can get the game for free either from the Steam client or you can download the game from its official website in which case you have to download and install a special client for your PC or Mac.

You can download World of Tanks game for free from