xplorer² Lite : Dual Pane File Manager for Windows

Microsoft Windows comes with a file manager of its own called Windows File Explorer. But if you are desiring more, then you can try third-party file management software like xplorer² LITE. It is a dual-pane file management software with a tabbed interface. We can open multiple folders under different tabs for effortless file management.

During the installation of xplorer², we are given options to replace Windows File Explorer with xplorer² which means that if you try to launch File Explorer, it will launch xplorer² instead. We can also choose to start xplorer² with Windows, use modern skin, add it to folders context-menu, create a desktop shortcut and more.

xplorer² LITE

When the xplorer² LITE is launched for the very first time, it asks you whether to use a ribbon far interface or the menubar interface. There is no functional difference between the two but the ribbon bar interface looks more modern.

xplorer² LITE

In the xplorer² LITE window itself, we can open multiple folders under multiple tabs, carry out basic file operations such as copy, move, paste, rename or delete. There are so many buttons in the ribbon bar that have [P] in it. These tools are not available in the free version and only the paid pro version activates these features.

While adding so many extra features, xplorer² LITE does not take away any of the features provided by Windows File Explorer. There are functions to split files, merge them together and compare them. For the security conscious people, it comes with secure erase functions using which we can shred files beyond recovery.

xplorer² LITE

xplorer² LITE is a really lightweight program and does not hog the system resources. It is designed to work with all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 95/98 to the latest version of Windows 10. It even works on the computers that came with only 64 MB of RAM memory and very old Pentium 1 processors.

You can download xplorer² LITE from https://www.zabkat.com/x2lite.htm.