Blank or Dim All Monitors with Multiscreen Blank

These days computer parts, peripherals, accessories and other hardware has become so cheap that people have started to build multi-screen setups. Often the people who do software development, web coding, PC gaming, or live-streaming have a PC setup with multiple monitors. But now everyone wants to have the 3 or 2 monitor setup in their computer. With so many monitors, we have to use be able to turn off, blank or dim the screens at will.

If you have multiple monitors attached to your Windows PC then you can dim them or completely blank them (make their screen go black) with the help of a freeware called Multiscreen Blank. The software is offered both as an installable package and also as a portable program.

As soon as we launch Multiscreen Blank, it places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. If we double click on this icon, it displays all the detected screens attached to your PC, both wired and wireless. We can right-click on any of these screens and choose to blank that screen, dim that screen to any level – 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 90%. We can also invert the screen colors. If you have blanked a screen before, then we can reveal it from this menu.

Multiscreen Blank

The software does not prevent a user to blank the only screen that is attached to your PC. Neither does it prevent the users to blank all the screens connected. In both situations, you will end up with all the screens turned black and unable to do anything. In those cases, you can use the Alt+Tab switcher to select the Multiscreen Blank window and then press Alt+F4 to close it.

Multiscreen Blank is a very useful tool for all the Windows users. With its help we can focus only on one monitor at a single time instead of being distracted by several monitors.

You can download Multiscreen Blank software from