AOMEI MBackupper Giveaway for Apple iPhone 13 Users

Apple has finally announced the release date for the new Apple iPhone 13. There are going to be four different models – iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The popular mobile phone is going to be made available in many different colors – blue, red, pink, midnight, starlight for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. On the other hand, iPhone 13 Pro is going to be available in gold, silver, graphite and sierra blue colors.

At the moment Apple iPhone 13 is available for pre-order and the delivery will start a couple of weeks later. If you are also going to buy iPhone 13 then you are in luck as AOMEI is organizing a giveaway for MBackupper software. This software can be used to switch from your older iPhone to the new iPhone 13 easily.

In the giveaway, you will be getting one year license for MBackupper. It is a very useful software for backing up your files from iPhone and also for migrating to a new phone. With its help iPhone 13 users will be able to migrate from older iPhone to the new  iPhone 13 seamlessly.

AOMEI iPhone 13 Giveaway

We can also use it to create a backup of all the files on the older phone including the photos, contacts, messages, and music. These can later be transferred to the new iPhone 13 in just one-click. Similarly, we can backup your new iPhone 13 contents easily on the PC.

The same software has the ability to completely erase all of your files from the iPhone. So if you want to dispose off of your older iPhone, then you can first erase your files from it using MBackupper. After this, we can sell the older iPhone on eBay or some other online site. Erasing files through MBackupper is considred better than a usual factory reset.

You can visit to participate in the AOMEI giveaway event . You can participate between 17th September and 1st October 2021.