EXPERTool : Overclock and Fine Tune Nvidia Graphics Cards

EXPERTool is a freeware tool that helps with the fine tuning of the Nvidia graphics cards. Using this single tool, we can update the drivers, update the BIOS, monitor the various sensors present in the graphics card and overclock it if needed.

EXPERTool has a very attractive user interface which shows the current status of the graphics card. It has large analog meters to display the current memory usage, the current clock speed, the GPU core temperature and more. It displays the cooling fan status and speed too. From this interface we can set the cooling fan to work in the automatic mode (it decides when to run and how fast to run). We can also adjust the cooling fan speeds manually to make it always run fast.

On the left-side of the EXPERTool window we can find options to update the graphics card BIOS. It checks for an update and if the update is available, it will download and flash the update for you. You may have to restart your PC after the BIOS update. For some reason, if the BIOS update does not go as planned or you do not like the new version of the BIOS, then you can downgrade to the older version easily.


EXPERTool allows you to fine tune your Nvidia graphics card and choose a number of settings for it. These settings can then be saved into five different profiles. You can quickly apply these settings simply by picking those profiles. This way we can choose the optimum settings for the graphics card to be used in various games or applications.

EXPERTool can help you overclock your Nvidia graphics card if it is supported. In the case, it does not support your graphics card, it will display the information in the status window. It is a really useful tool to have for all the PC gamers.

You can download EXPERTool from