Agent Ransack : Free File Searching Utility for Windows

Agent Ransack is a free file searching utility for Windows computers. It is far more advanced than the basic search that is included with Windows. This software can also replace your regular Windows search for it comes with some of the really useful features. For example, we can use the boolean terms, regular expressions and DOS expressions when querying for some files. These make it easy to find the files or folders in a very small time.

The user interface of Agent Ransack reminds of the classic Windows search. It has a tabbed user interface. We can type in the search terms and create them using regular expressions or DOS expressions and join them together using boolean terms such as AND, OR or NOT. The regular expressions are compatible with the Perl language which the Linux users are more familiar with.

Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack has support for Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. It can search through their content if the document is not password protected or encrypted. It is very useful if you want to search for a particular phrase inside a folder containing hundreds of PDF files.

The searching is done very fast owing to very efficient algorithms. Because of these algorithms, we can find the files quickly. The software does not let you wait for long times when it is searching, as the search results appear during the search. We can export the search results to an text file which we can view later any time. We can also print the search results using a connected printer.

It is free for both the commercial and personal use. It is offered in the Lite, Professional and Commercial version – only the Lite version is free but it is actually feature limited version of the program.

You can download Agent Ransack from