Giada : Open-Source Music Production Tool for DJs

Giada is an open-source music generation tool that can be used to create sound effects. We can generate the sound effects using your existing music or audio files. In addition, you can also create new music from a microphone or from musical devices.

Giada can be used as a sample player. We can load samples and then play them out using computer keyboard or with the help of the MIDI controller device. We can also use a wireless keyboard for playing the MIDI samples from the comfort of your couch.

Giada offers full loop control for your sounds. We can add multiple audio tracks and MIDI events in Giada. We can then put them in layers one over another. This way we can create unique sounds by mixing and matching different audio sequences.


Giada can also record your music straight from the microphone. We can record the music as you are playing your music. It is also able to record MIDI events through the musical instruments that supports a MIDI input interface.

This music recording software has full support for the VST plugins. We can use these plugins to create special effects. We can process the audio streams or MIDI events through these plugins for special FX effects.

Giada can be used as master sequencer to control other MIDI devices and software that support MIDI interface. We can connect it to the MIDI devices for synchronizing as well.

Giada supports VST plugins and MIDI interface. It can be used to produce music, special effects and also for live performances. It is a multi-threaded software and can leverage the power of your multi-core processors. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. If you are a DJ, live performers, electronic musician, or radio show producer then you should find it interesting.

You can download Giada from