How to Fix Chrome Browser Update Error Code 4

Recently when I read about a new security update for the Google Chrome browser, the first thing I did was launch the Chrome browser on my Windows 10 PC. Then I selected menu, Help and then About Google Chrome. This should have made the browser check for the newest update and install it if there is any.

However, I ended up receiving an error in the update for the Chrome browser. The message displayed was Error Code 4: 0xA0430817. This is a problem related to the update service process on a Windows PC and cab be easily fixed using a number of ways:

Chrome Update Error Code 4

Just wait for a while

The problem with  Error Code 4 when updating Chrome browser is that update process has failed to start. One reason for this is that Chrome was already updating the browser in the background when you checked for the update. So all you have to do is wait for a while after closing down the web browser.

Reboot your computer

One reason why the update fails to restart is that the update process is forever busy. When this happens the update process is stuck in the middle and new update process fails to restart. All you have to do is reboot your PC and it will start the Chrome updater afresh when Windows starts all over again.

Reinstall Chrome browser

If all else fails, you have to reinstall the Chrome web browser. For this, you can visit and download a fresh copy of Chrome installer. Using this installer, we will get all the new version of files installed for Chrome browser. Not only the browser will be updated, but it will also fix any corrupt files (if there are any).

So these are a few methods of fixing the update error. In my case, I just had to reboot the computer and wait a little. After this, when I launched Chrome web browser, it was already updated to the latest version.