How to Make Videos from PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint has been popular with both the students and the professionals because anyone can create powerful presentations using it. Whether you have to make a presentation for the office meeting or give a lecture to your students in a classroom, a well made PowerPoint presentation can do the job beautifully.

For creating a PowerPoint presentation, we need an Office software such as Microsoft Office (which comes with PowerPoint) or LibreOffice (which comes with Presentation). These software produce presentations in the format of PPT or PPTX. These files can then be viewed using the same software. This means that you need Microsoft PowerPoint or LibreOffice Presentation installed on the PC in order to view and use the presentation.

But what if we do not have any such software available? In those case, we can use the video made from the PowerPoint presentations. WIth the help of 4Media PPT to Video Converter we can quickly create videos files using the existing PowerPoint files.

PPT to Video Converter

In the PPT to Video Converter software, we have to select the PowerPoint file. Then we can choose a destination folder where the video files are placed. After this, we can choose a video file format such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV etc. We can choose video name, video size, video quality, frame rate, time delay between each of the slides, music to be played with the presentation and so on. After this, you can simply click on the convert button in the toolbar to create a video from your PowerPoint presentation.

If your PC has high end graphics card, you can leverage GPU power to convert the PPT or PPTX files into videos. Using the GPU power makes the conversion process faster and smoother. Once you have converted PowerPoint presentations into videos, you can play them on any PC without having to install any Microsoft PowerPoint software.

You can download 4Media PPT to Video Converter from