Manage Time with Active Computer Usage Time Tracker

Time is a something that we all complain about. Some people complain that they do not have enough time to finish their everyday activities – they are always out of time. Then there are some people who complain that they have too much free time and they are always looking for extra activities to spend their time. The truth is that we all get only 24 hours everyday, not a single minute more or less.

Using proper time management skills, we can ensure that we get enough time to finish our daily tasks whether in the professional life or in the personal life. One of the ways to begin managing your time is to examine how we are actually using our time in daily life.

A software called “Active Computer Usage Time Tracker” can be used to analyze and examine how we are investing our time at work. This small software can track how much time we use for doing which of the activities on our work computers.

Active Computer Usage Time Tracker

Once installed, this software starts working on its own. As you use your work computer, it is tracking how much time you are giving to which of the applications. For example, it will start counting the minutes that you spend on Firefox browser. Whenever you use Firefox, it will increase that counter. At the end of the day, you can see how many minutes or hours you had spent on Firefox.

Not only it displays the total time usage counter, it can also display the detailed application reports. These reports can display the usage for any date and time period. They include the applications, the total time duration they were used for and at which hours  they were used throughout the day.

Active Computer Usage Time Tracker

If you have been working on your computer continuously for more than 40 minutes then it can also display an alert. These alerts should be used as reminder to take a break. Sitting and working in front of your computer for long duration is not healthy. This way, it can help you take a break every few minutes.

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