Relax with Anti Stress Color Shuffler for Windows

The way things have been happening in the world because of the ongoing pandemic and how much it has impacted everyone both economically and mentally, we are all bound to run into stress and depression sooner or later. This is why we should always find some time out to relax and chill whenever it is possible.

During a work day, we should not stress too much for finishing the project at hand but we should also keep in mind that we also need a relief from all the tension every now and then. Some experts suggest that we should get up from our work desk every hour and walk for ten minutes, talk to coworkers and do all the things not related to work.

There are some others who suggest that we should give ourselves a time-out or break every few minutes. This keeps us away from constant stress related to work. This timeout could be in form of closing our eyes and laying back, or it could be in the form of looking outside the window. It can also be looking at randomly changing colors on your computer screen if you have Anti Stress Color Shuffler installed on your PC.

Anti Stress Color Shuffler

This small program, as the title suggests, has only one purpose and that is to relieve you from your daily stress. As soon as it is launched, it starts displaying random colored bars on your screen that change colors every few seconds. As you look at these color changing bars, the focus of your mind shifts to these amusing colorful things. Pretty soon you stop thinking about the regular problems that were  causing the stress in the first place.

Anti Stress Color Shuffler can be switched to the full-screen mode and we can change the speed of color shuffling and animation. It is indeed a very useful small tool that can help us in low to moderate level of stress. If you are having difficulty in managing everyday stress, then you should consult a good psychiatrist for help.

You can download Anti Stress Color Shuffler from