Orzeszek Timer : Smart Countdown or Countup Timer for Windows

Orzeszek Timer is a unique timer application. It allows the user to type in the time manually. There are no timer controls for you to use for setting up the timer. There is only a small text window that appears on your screen and you have to type in the time in that window. It is very smart and understands all sorts of time formats that you can possibly think of.

Orzeszek Timer is designed using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 so you must have it installed on your system before using it. The program is available in both a portable version and the regular installer version. In either case, it displays a small window with just a textbox inside.

You can type in the time period for setting up the timer inside this text box. For example, you can type in 1 hour 30 minutes or 1h 30m  or 1:30:00 and they will all do the same thing. You can also set it to a future date and time, for example, 5:00 PM or 10/01/2021 5:00 PM.

Orzeszek Timer

But the timer won’t start just by typing in the time inside this text box. For starting the timer, we have to press Enter after typing in the time. For example, if you want to set a timer for 5 minutes, you can type in 5 minutes and press Enter.

By default the timer is count down timer but you can also change the mode to be a count up timer. In a count down timer, it starts counting from the set time to 0. In a count up timer, it starts counting from 0 to the set time. This can be done by right-clicking on the Orzeszek Timer windows and selecting Count Up or Count Down from under the “Options”.

We can also choose what kind of beep it is going to make when the timer is up. We can choose from loud, normal or quit beep. These beep sound files are located inside a sub-folder named Sound. By changing these WAV files we can even change the beep sounds that are played back.

You can download Orzeszek Timer from https://www.orzeszek.org/dev/timer/.