Transfer Files Directly Between Computers with Orzeszek Transfer

When we want to transfer large files from our computer to someone else’s computer, many solutions come to our mind. One popular solution is to use one or other cloud services such as Dropbox. We have to first upload the files that we want to share with others to our cloud storage account and then give the links to someone who wants to download them. The process is lengthy and involves many steps.

A freeware called Orzeszek Transfer brings the solution – it allows anyone to download the files directly from your computer. This solution limits the whole file sharing process to just a single step. The program works by creating a temporary web server on your computer. Afterwards you can choose which of the files you are going to share with others and provide them a link. Others can then download the files using those links directly from your computer. No middle man is needed.

Orzeszek Transfer is a Windows application and works on any PC running Windows 7 or above. It must have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed. After launching Orzeszek Transfer we have to click on the Settings and change the options for IP address and port if needed. It detects the external IP address, but if you want to transfer files over a LAN then you can add your LAN IP address. You can also add Windows Explorer right-click menu so that you can right-click on any file to add it to transfer available list.

Orzeszek Transfer

Next thing we have to do is add files so that they become available for download. This is very simple, we can click on Add a file and choose a file. The file immediately becomes ready for download and it shows a URL that you can share with anyone who wants to download that file. When they begin downloading the files, it even displays statistics.

Orzeszek Transfer

However there is a drawback to letting others download files directly from your computer. The downloads can be very slow depending on your internet speed. Unless you are using a optic-fiber broadband connection, the upload speeds are smaller than the download speeds. This means that other users are going to download your files at a relatively slower speed. Even on LAN or WiFi networks, there is a limit based on the routers used.

You can download Orzeszek Transfer from

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  1. Sorry there is a much easier way to do this.
    Guess what, they even built a protocol for it too.
    It is aptly called, File transfer Protocol, the kids call it FTP. These kids.
    It has been around a while and a more secure side to it, FTPS, exists.
    Windows even have it built-in, but probably not installed though.
    See Control Panel > Program and Features > Turn Windows features on or off >
    … Internet Information Services > FTP Server
    Other small and simpler, and free of cost FTP Servers exist at your favored repositories.

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