Qlock : World Clock with Alarm for Windows Desktop

If you work for a multi-national company or your clients are located in different parts of the world, then you should have a world clock like Qlock. This type of clock can be configured to display the current time (and date) for many different places in the world. For example, Qlock can display times for London, Tokyo, Sydney and New York on your screen. You do not have to look at your wrist watch and add or subtract to find out the time for another city. With Qlock, you can find the time for any city of the world without any delay.

As soon as we launch Qlock after installing it, it displays four pre-configured clocks on your screen – Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. We can right-click on any of these clocks to view options available for them. We can change the city, add a note, set a trigger, set color, set alarm, set skin or even delete the clock.


We can also right-click on these clocks and choose to “Create” a new clock. We can access the same menu from the system tray icon that is placed by Qlock. When we right-click on this system tray icon, it shows the same menu and we can access all the same options. But the system tray menu has an extra option to “Exit” which closes the all the Qlock windows.


When adding a new clock for a city, we can explore continents and various countries inside it. We can choose a continent, sub-continent, country and then the city from the list. If you find the information needs changing, then we can also edit the cities and their time zones. We can also add a new city that is not listed in the list.


Qlock is very useful for traders, investors, stock brokers, freelancers, journalists, and employees of multi-national companies. For the home use it is free but comes with some features locked. To unlock these features, you can buy the Pro license that comes with many more features.

You can download Qlock from http://www.qlock.com/.