Ultidash : Productivity Booster New Tab Page for Chrome

We all use the Chrome web browser in our daily lives whether for work or for fun. In fact many companies and offices are preferring Chrome over other browsers because of its efficiency, speed and security. These days help desks give the advice to open their site in Chrome if it is not working in other browsers.

If you are already using Chrome in everyday work life, then you can boost your productivity further using an extension called Ultidash. This extension takes over the new tab page for the Chrome browser. After installing Ultidash, you will see Ultidash interface whenever you open a  new tab or when launch the Chrome browser window.

Like many other similar extensions, it displays a very beautiful background for the new tab along with a large clock. Over the clock it also displays today’s day and date. But these aesthetics are not everything that Ultidash is offering. It offers many useful and productive tools such as a concentration timer, site blocker, site tracker, and a todo list.


The todo list can be used to manage your tasks and can be integrated with other powerful extensions such as todoist. The site blocker can be used to block some time wasting sites when you want to focus on a project. The site tracker can learn how you spend your time on the Chrome browser and present you with a report on your web browsing habits. This can be very useful to find out if you are unnecessarily wasting your time online.


The time tracker or concentration timer is a really useful and productive tool that can encourage us to finish some projects within a short period of time. It is like a coach encouraging us to finish something faster. Overall, Ultidash not only makes your new tab page in Chrome look pleasant and useful, but also very very productive.

You can get Ultidash extension for Chrome web browser from https://www.ultidash.com/.