Quick Paste : Clipboard Manager for Windows

We have all learned to use Windows Notepad or Notepad++ to copy-paste some of the text snippets that we want to use later. In other words, Notepad++ can be used to extend the clipboard limitations in any Windows PC. But even Notepad++ has a limitation – it can be used to hold only text snippets. What if you have to copy other types of data for later use – such as images or rich text data?

In that case we need a clipboard manager like Quick Paste. This small clipboard manager can hold many different clipboard entries for later use. It is very easy to use and works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7. The software has a single window user interface. We can manage all the clipboard entries from under the ClipBase tab.

When we have copied something to the clipboard, we can launch Quick Paste and then add the data from the clipboard to save it for the later use. For each of these entries, we can add name, description, comments, picture and date created. These entries can later be searched through, selected, deleted and copied back to the clipboard for using in some other application.

Quick Paste

If you use some of these entries a lot, then we can add those entries to the Favorites section. We can find these entries easily if you have added many hundreds of entries in Quick Paste.

Quick Paste also has many options. It allows you to change the appearance of the QuickPaste window with the help of many color themes. There are thirty different color themes that we can choose from. We can also choose a color for the grid font, favorites font color, favorites background color and more.

Quick Paste

From under the Quick Paste options, we can also find and connect to a computer from the LAN network that your computer is a part. We can then share the clipboard database with the networked computers.

You can download Quick Paste from http://www.accessoryware.com/.