FocusOn Image Viewer : Organize, Edit and View Images

There are some essential software that we all like to have on our Windows PC. Image viewer is one of such essential applications because without a good image viewer we cannot even view out pictures. Windows does come with Microsoft Paint and Windows Photo Viewer but both of them are very basic. They do not allow you to view pictures from many different file formats, for example, HEIC. Then they do not have any advanced editors included.

If you are looking for a decent image viewer that supports a lot of image file formats, has a good image editor built inside and also allows you to organize your pictures easily, then you can try FocusOn Image Viewer. It is free, portable and works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7.

FocusOn Image Viewer comes with a File Explorer style image organizer. You can choose a folder from the left side tree control. The folder and its contents will then be displayed in the right-side pane from where you can arrange the images, perform various image operations on them, copy, rename or delete them.

FocusOn Image Viewer

The image viewer can be used to quickly open any type of supported image file. The image viewer window has a large icons toolbar from where we can perform many different types if image operations. We can crop, resize, rotate, rename, remove the EXIF data and more. More functions are available from the menubar.

It comes with a batch renamer too. Using this feature we can rename a large number of image files instantly. The selected files can be renamed using a template and a serial number can be added to each of them. We can also do search and replace operation with the filenames when doing the bulk renaming. We can also change the file extensions if desired.

FocusOn Image Viewer

All things considered, FocusOn Image Viewer is a complete package for any Windows user. It is free and displays the images very fast. It supports a larger number of image file formats. It can effectively replace Windows Photo Viewer on your Windows PC.

You can download FocusOn Image Viewer from