Rons Renamer : Batch Rename Files on Windows

If you been procrastinating managing and renaming your files because they are simply thousands of them, then you need an expert for renaming your files – someone like Rons Renamer. It is a batch file renaming utility for Windows. It is available both as a portable application and also as a setup installer.

In the Ron Renamer window, the first thing we have to do is select a folder inside which the files or other sub-folders are to be renamed. We can use filters to select files having certain names or file extensions. We can also choose whether the software should  go through all the sub-directories.

The next step would be to set a number of renaming filters or set of rules. In these rules we can add space, text, numbers, date, time, path name, etc. Similarly, we can remove these things from the filenames.  We can also replace text or string from the filenames. There are rules using which we can change the extensions, change the case, split name, reverse the name, and more.

Ron's Renamer

If you are in doubt about renaming your files, then it offers a unique feature called Preview. This will display the files inside a folder along with their original names and the new file names. It does not change anything in the preview mode. However, if we use the Preview Mode results, then we can actually go ahead and apply the changes. For the paranoid, it has a rollback feature using which we can make a backup copy of the filenames before renaming them. If you do not like the renaming, you can rollback all these changes.

If you use file renaming a lot in a particular folder, we can create a batch script or desktop shortcut to use the set of renaming rule on those folders. This makes running the bulk file renaming task as easy as double-clicking and running that batch script.

You can download Rons Renamer from