How to Change Gender in Your Facebook Profile

Facebook has been around for almost 16 years and during these years they have always kept up the new and changing social norms. Now there are so many people who do not wish to identify as either of the traditional genders – male or female. Whatever reason may be, they want to identify as some other genders, for example, as Bi or Cis Female. By correctly identifying your gender, you are displaying much more accurate information to everyone who follows you on Facebook.

If you also identify as one of those non-binary genders, then you can now reflect it in your Facebook profile. We can do so easily from any desktop web browser. Here is how:

  1. Visit Facebook in your web browser and login to your account. Then visit your user profile by visiting
  2. On your Facebook profile, click on the About link.Change Gender in Facebook User Profile
  3. Select Contact and Basic Info, then scroll down, and click on the Edit icon next to your Gender under the Basic Info section.Change Gender in Facebook User Profile
  4. You can choose from a number of genders such as male, female, Cis etc. For selecting non-binary genders, you have to first select the Custom option and then the list will appear.Change Gender in Facebook User Profile

With the changing times, Facebook has also changed and added these new options for everyone who uses Facebook. Now we can choose  not only from the traditional male or female genders, but we can also choose our gender from a list of custom genders. However, we still have to choose from a small list.

By changing the gender, Facebook also displays a different pronoun when mentioning your posts. The gender that you have selected on the Facebook profiles are shown publicly only if you have selected it to be displayed publicly from under the privacy settings.

The steps described above are for changing the gender on your Facebook profile. We can follow almost similar steps when using the Facebook app for the smartphone.