SavageEd : Free, Fast and Small Text Editor for Windows

Advanced and experienced Windows application developers know that we can produce really efficient, lean and fast applications if they are coded in the C language leveraging Win32 API.  But we can go a notch higher if we code the programs using the assembly language using which we can produce really small, memory efficient and still fully functioning programs.

SavageEd is one of these small, fast and memory efficient text editors coded using high-level assembly language. It comes as a portable program and is less than 50 kilobytes in size. While it is so small in file size, it can still deliver more features than the Microsoft Notepad that comes with Microsoft Windows.

SavageEd is fully portable and does not store anything in the Windows registry. All the settings that a user customizes are saved in the same folder where the SavageEd program file (SavageEd.exe) is placed. This makes this program an ideal text editor to be kept on your portable hard drive so that you can use it anywhere. Just like Notepad, we can use SavageEd to edit or create any kind of text files such as source code files or configuration files.


SavageEd has a user interface that looks similar to Notepad. But as you explore the menubar, you will realize that it has many more functions. We can change the case of selected text to upper case or lower case, increase or decrease indent, find and replace the text, and more.

The appearance of SavageEd editor can also be changed. We can set its foreground or background colors. We can enable autosave of files, enable the read-only mode, set the default extension to be used when you save a new file, set the tabs and auto indent width etc.

SavageEd is a small, fast and portable text editor for Windows. The developer has done a really good job in making it smaller and memory efficient. We can use it as a replacement for the Windows Notepad.

You can download SavageEd from