Vidmore DVD Creator : Create DVD or Blu-ray Discs with Menus

When you have recorded a video of a special event such as a birthday party, wedding anniversary or new year’s party, you would want to save the video in a format that can be easily played on any device and lasts for a very long time. For storing the videos for a very long time, we can create DVDs or Blu-ray discs that can be stored easily for 50 years or more.

For creating video DVDs or Blu-ray discs containing menus and chapters, you can use Vidmore DVD Creator. It is a professional movie DVD creator complete with stunning menus and background music.

Vidmore DVD Creator can take any type of videos and use them as source for preparing your DVDs. It can convert, resize, rotate, trim and join multiple videos together for making the movie. We can import the videos from digital cameras, smartphones, action cameras and more.

It comes with an integrated video editor that allows you to edit the videos before using them in the DVD projects. With the help of this video editor we can trim, crop, rotate, enhance, watermark, subtitle, and more. It supports many different types of subtitle files.

Vidmore DVD Creator

We can also add a DVD menu. Using this menu, we can jump to different parts of the video easily. It offers many ready to use menus and we can select the menu for this from a list of ready-made layouts. These templates can be further adjusted to a certain extent. For example, we can change the background music, change the background image, choose from a set of menu frames, buttons, text content, font, size etc.

Vidmore DVD Creator comes with a optical disc burner built inside. It can burn the prepared DVD/Blu-ray Disc, you can burn it to a blank disc easily. It uses advanced hardware acceleration to speed up the disc burning.

You can download Vidmore DVD Creator from