Windows 11 Manager : Tweaking Utility for Windows 11

A preview version of the next major version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system was made available in June 2021. Windows 11 is not being used for millions of people as they already have installed Windows 11 on their computers.

If you have also installed Windows 11 on your PC, then you may want to have an easy way to tweak and optimize your PC. With the help of Windows 11 Manager, you can repair, optimize, clean and tweak your Windows 11 PC. It comes with many of the professional tools that can help you fix a large number of problems with the Windows 11 operating system. It has a set of more than forty different tools for fixing different problems and optimizing the system.

Windows 11 Manager includes features to restore the system, get system information, diagnose and fix the problems, monitor hardware or processes, clean up the system, and optimize the system.

Windows 11 Manager

It has a tool called Startup Manager that can be used to checks all programs that start running as soon as Windows starts. It can check and repair advanced startup items to restore malicious changes caused by malware. You can also disable the startup items that were setup to auto-start without your permission.

Some software leave behind many files and registry entries even after a full uninstallation. Similarly, some programs fail to be removed through their official uninstallers. Windows 11 Manager comes with Smart Uninstaller that can completely remove programs from the system without leftover files and registry entries.

One of the tools called Desktop Cleaner can be used to analyze and move unused shortcuts, files and folders from your Windows Desktop to any of your folders. It can also enhance your system security by modifying system HOSTS file and managing the various settings from the web browser.

Windows 11 Manager is a really useful optimization, repairing and tweaking software for everyone whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

You can download Windows 11 Manager from