Access Power Menu in Android Using Shutdown (no Root) App

All Android smartphones come with a few basic physical buttons such as a power button, volume up, volume down and some of the newer models also come with a special Google Assistant button. When we press the power button quickly once, it can be used to switch the screen on or off. But if we long press the power button, it brings up the power menu on the screen. On the power menu screen, we can choose to restart the phone, turn the phone off, send the SOS message to the previously configured contacts and more.

But what if the power button has become faulty over a long period of time. This could happen because of the wear and tear inside the physical phone switch which is made of a thin metal strip. In that case you can use an app called “Shutdown (no Root)” to bring up the same power menu and carry out the respective power operations such as reboot or power off.

Android Power Menu

As the title of this Android app implies, it does not require any root privileges which means that you do not have to have your device rooted. It can work on any Android smartphone out of the box. After the installation as soon as you tap on its shortcut, it will display the power menu. There are no complicated settings or menus. You can access power menu just by launching this app instantly.

Shutdown (no Root) launches the factory power menu for the Android ROM on your smartphone. It does not display a menu of its own. As such the power menu that is displayed on your phone depends entirely on the Android smartphone model that you are using. It will be different on Samsung Galaxy M6 and different on Samsung Galaxy J7 and so on.

You can get the Shutdown (no Root) app from