Find Your Misplaced Android Phone by Clapping

There are so many times when we place our Android smartphone somewhere and then we forget completely about it. Then we want to use the phone and we cannot seem to remember where we put it last time. Then the search begins, we look for the missing phone all over the house, under the bed, behind the cushions and even in the refrigerator.

One trick that people often suggest is that we can call our own mobile number using a friend’s phone and when our mobile phone starts ringing then we can locate it easily. But if you do not want to bother your friends finding your missing phone, then you can try a smart app called “Clap to Find”.

Clap to Find is an app that listens to the sound of you clapping your hands. As soon as it listens to the clapping, it starts to play the ringtone at full volume level. You can then locate it easily by listening to your ringtone and following that direction.

Clap to Find

After the installation of the Clap to Find app, you have to first configure it. It is going to to ask you to clap your hands three times. When it hears your claps, it will register them. You have to clap your hands very quickly without any delay. You should be able to finish clapping three times in under just one second only.

In the settings for the Clap to Find app, we can choose the ringtone that will be played when it hears you clapping, you can also enable flashing and vibrate the phone. You can also change the volume of the ringtone and the sensitivity of the listening to the claps.

Clap to Find

Clap to Find also places a widget on the home screen of the Android smartphone so that you can easily toggle on or off  the app when you do not need it.

You can get the Clap to Find app for Android from