BatteryInfoView Displays Details of Laptop Battery

As it happens with all the devices with a rechargeable battery, the battery of my laptop stopped working after a couple of years. After that I had to open up the laptop using a screw driver, locate the Lithium-ion battery and find the information printed on it. Using this information I then searched for a replacement battery online over Amazon and eBay. The battery arrived in a few days and then I was finally able to replace the battery.

But later on I learned about a tool called BatteryInfoView which can show you all the detailed information about your laptop’s battery. It is a portable tool and does not require installation. When launched, it immediately fetches the information about your laptop battery and displays it in a tabulated format. This information can be exported to plain text files or HTML documents. You can also print it on a paper if you have a printer connected to your PC or network.


The information that is displayed includes the battery model name, battery manufacturer, battery manufacturing date, battery serial number, battery capacity, battery voltage, battery health, battery temperature, battery charge/discharge cycles and more. Depending on the battery, some of the information may not be available. For example, it did not display manufacturing date for my laptop’s battery.

So if you have to replace your laptop’s old battery with a new one, you can use BatteryInfoView find all the information necessary to find and order a battery online. But it has another use, to check the newly installed battery for the right capacity and voltage ratings. You should check whether it has the exact capacity as the older battery. This is necessary as many online sellers are selling cheaper batteries with smaller capacity compared to the original batteries.

You can download BatteryInfoView from