Epic Games Store Giveaway : Horror Game – “Among the Sleep”

Epic games store is giving away another game for free this week. This time the game’s title is “Among the Sleep” which is a horror game of its own kind. This game uses very subtle approach to introduce you to the psychological horror.

In this game, you are a small kid named David who wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself alone. He starts looking for his mom for comfort. The kid has only one teddy bear that he can hold onto for some comfort. As he hugs the teddy bear tight, the teddy bear emits light which can be used to show the way in dark surroundings.

All throughout the game, the kid is followed by monsters. A female monster who is pretending to be his mother is singing a lullaby to lure him into her trap. Then there is a big monster who follows the kid everywhere he goes looking for the right time to leap on him.

Among the Sleep

Unfortunately, you have no weapon to defend against the monsters. The only method to save yourself is to hide and not make any sound. You can hide behind he furniture and under the tables. If the monsters are able to catch you, the game is over. You can of course restart the game from the last point in the game and keep playing. There is an additional ending in the “Enhanced Edition” of the game.

You can get a free copy of “Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition” by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/among-the-sleep-enhanced-edition and then clicking on the Get button. Of course, you have to sign in to your Epic Games store account before you can add this game to your games’ library. This game can be installed on your computer through the Epic Games client only. The giveaway will last until the end of this week.