CDRTFE : GUI Frontend for CDR Tools for Windows

CDR Tools are a set of command line programs that can be used create ISO images from optical disks such as CD or DVD. It can also be used to create and burn disks of all kinds such as Audio CDs, data discs, video DVDs, video CDs and more.

Since not many Windows users are excited to work with the command line interface programs, someone has created a GUI frontend for CDR tools – CDRTFE which stands for CDR Tools FrontEnd. It is available for in form of an installer package and as a portable application.

After launching, it will start to analyze your system and check whether you have an optical disc drive. If it detects a CD/DVD drive, it will show you the various possible options to burn the files on a bank CD or DVD. The capacity of the discs and their types are automatically selected, for example, CD-R or CD+R.

CDR Tools Front End

However, if it does not detect any optical disc drive, even in that case it offers the user some functions such as the ability to create ISO images. We can create various types of ISO images such as audio CDs, SVCD or DVD video etc.

The tool supports the re-writable discs like CD-RW and DVD-RW. Using this tool, we can erase data from these re-writable discs in seconds. If you insert a re-writable disc in the DVD writer, it can automatically erase it before proceeding to write the new data on the disc.

If you have downloaded any ISO file from the internet (such as those for Windows 11 or Manjaro Linux) then you can use the “Disc Image” section of CDRTFE to write the ISO image to a blank CD or DVD. The same section can also be used to read data from a disc and create an ISO image. This tool can be used to clone an existing disc as well.

You can download CDRTFE from