Modify Monitor Settings Using Portable EasyMCC

Computer hardware has advanced a great deal in the past decade. Older monitors used to have a panel in front or on the side containing all the controls. Using these controls, we could change the settings for monitor such as the contrast, brightness, color modes and  so on. There were monitors that came with speakers built inside, and the audio volume level could also be controlled using these panels.

But now modern monitors have some of the settings that can be modified from within the operating system. This gives the operating system and the applications running on your PC much more control  over how a picture is displayed on your monitor screen.

Using a small portable tool called EasyMCC, we can control all of these different settings for a computer monitor. However for using this tool, you must have a compatible computer monitor such as BENQ  GW2470h. Almost all of these monitors are connected to your PC through an HDMI cable and offer an firmware upgrade whenever it is available.


In the EasyMCC user interface, we can find information about the connected computer monitor. In case of multiple monitor configuration of your PC you should pick a target monitor from the drop-down list box from the lower-left corner. Once a selection has been made, it fetches information from the monitor firmware and displays it.

Among the various settings that are allowed to be modified using EasyMCC are the image settings such as the luminance, contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, sharpness, gamma factor, color temperature, mode, etc. We can also set the RGB values for total gain and the black color levels.

We can directly control the monitor settings such as the source (which cable is selected for the input), which power mode is to be used (such as power economy save mode), and save the current settings to various presets. We can later load these saved settings from the presets.

You can download EasyMCC from