Download Large Files Easily with Elifteg Download Manager

Windows 11 has finally been released by Microsoft and anyone can download it from Microsoft’s website. Among other means, there is an ISO download available for Windows 11. The Windows 11 64-bit English ISO is almost 5.1 GB in size. Downloading such a large file could become a headache if the download fails in the middle. This is why we should always use a download manager to download large files.

There are many very good and free download managers for Windows such as HTTP Downloader which is both portable and easy-to-use. Another small download manager is Elifteg Download Manager which actually used to download the Windows 11 ISO.

Elifteg Download Manager is portable application and does not install anything on your PC. You can simply launch it, copy-paste the download URL and click on the Download button. It will go to work right away. If you want to download later but save the download URL now, then it is also possible through download queuing. For this, you can copy-paste the URL and click on the Queue button instead.  Later when you decide to download the queued downloads, you can click on the Start Queue Download button and it will start all the queued downloads.

Elifteg Download Manager

In the options for Elifteg Download Manager, you can toggle drag-n-drop interface, enable sequential downloads of the queued files, ask for any credentials if needed for download, toggle alerting when the downloads have completed and, always keep the window on top. You can also change the folder where downloaded files are placed.

Elifteg Download Manager

Unike some other download managers, it does not support downloading of a large files in parts using multiple connections to the same server. But it keeps things simple and finishes the downloads really fast. It is a handy download manager to be kept by all the Windows users.

You can download Elifteg Download Manager from