Easily Toggle New or Old Context Menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 has a new modern right-click context menu that appears when you right click anywhere on the desktop. This new menu looks very nice and has all the bells and whistles, yet there is something that some Windows users are complaining about.

The new style context menu attempts to make a clean and small interface by packing all the less frequently used items under a sub-menu titled “Show More Options”. This is what is irking some users as they have become accustomed to having all the items in the context-menu itself.

So what is the workaround? Personally, I like the new Windows 11 context-menu, but if you miss the old Windows 10 context-menu dearly, then there are many methods floating on the internet using which you can quickly toggle between the old and new context menus on Windows 11.

There are some registry modifications that you can do to toggle between the two. But someone has prepared a tool to do everything automatically for you – Windows 11 Classic Context Menu. Using this tool we can toggle between the classic context-menu and the modern Windows 11 context-menu.

Windows 11 Classic Context Menu

After launching Windows 11 Classic Context Menu, we can Enable Win11 Classic Context Menu Style button to make the changes to the Windows’ registry. After that we can either restart Windows, or click on the Restart Explorer to see the changes.

Similarly, if you want to switch back to the new modern context-menu then first you have to click on the Enable Win11 Default Context Menu Style button followed by restarting the File Explorer. In order to restart File Explorer, you can click on the respective button or use Task Manager to restart it.

In addition to the GUI, Windows 11 Classic Context Menu also supports some of the command line switches. Using these parameters we can instruct it to automatically toggle a certain style of context-menu style and then close. Basically the /R switch restarts the File Explorer processes, the /C switch enables the classic context-menu and the /D switch restores the new modern context-menu.

You can download Windows 11 Classic Context Menu from https://www.sordum.org/14479/windows-11-classic-context-menu-v1-0/.

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