FCEUX : Enjoy Nintendo Games from Bygone Era on PC

If you are missing the old Nintendo games from 90s that were played on the consoles of that time, then you can enjoy playing them on your PC too. This has been made possible with a free emulator called FCEUX. This emulator is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. For Windows, many different types of builds are available – 32bit, 64 bit, Win32, Qt/SDL etc.

FCEUX alone is not enough for you to start playing those old games on your PC, you will also need some of the ROMs for those games. These ROMs are memory images from the game disks. You can create them yourself or you can download them off the internet. There are many websites that offer abandoned or old games. You have to find the NES/NFS compatible ROMs.

Once you have an NES compatible ROM, you can choose FileOpen from the menubar to open the NES file. As soon as you pick the NES file, it is loaded and the game starts to work. Typically you will see the opening screen for the game from where you can choose to start, save or load the game.


Console actions such as reset, power on, eject, insert coin, insert barcodes etc. The game play control can either be your keyboard or a game controller connected to your PC. From the menubar, you can also save the state of a game and reload it from exactly that place. You can play the games in the fullscreen mode too.

Even though we did not find any need to make changes to FCEUX settings, it does allow you to change the settings for particular games. For example, you can change the region (PAL, NTSC, Dendy) or you can switch the PPU (picture processing unit) between the old version and the new version.

FCEUX is very lightweight and were able to play all the games that we tested such as Street Fighter and Donkey Kong. It is a great emulator for all the old NES, FDS and Dendy consoles.

You can download FCEUX from https://fceux.com/web/home.html.