StartAllBack Brings Classic Start Menu on Windows 11

If you have already upgraded to Windows 11, then the very first thing you would notice is that all the icons in the taskbar have been put in the center, the start menu itself has been modified and the right-click context menu is also looking different.

All these major changes in the user interface could be unsettling for the long term Windows users. I myself felt disoriented when I could not find the basic copy/paste features in the right-click context-menu for the Windows desktop.

If you want the older Windows 10 style start menu, taskbar and context-menu back  on Windows 11, then you can use a third-party software called StartAllBack. It is a lightweight start menu replacement for Windows 11. This software can be installed in two modes – for the current user only or for all the users on the PC.


After the installation it displays the basic configuration window from where we can select whether we want Windows 10 style start menu, Windows 7 style start menu or a “proper” Windows 11 start menu which is much more convenient to use than the one that comes with Windows 11.

In the settings, we can also configure how the start menu appears, which programs appear in it and how they are presented. It allows visual style for taskbar too and we can pick the corner icon for the start menu. Similarly, you can change the way Windows File Explorer appears – whether it shows Windows 11 style command bar, Windows 7 style command bar or Windows 10 style ribbon UI. In the same section, you can enable the classic context menu or the search box.


StartAllBack is appropriately named as not only it brings the classic start menu back but it also brings back some of the other useful components such as File Explorer, search box, right-click menu and more. It should be used by everyone who has upgraded to Windows 11.

You can download StartAllBack from


  1. Awesome little program

    Has everything in it to make Win11 what it should be

    Thanks to the author, 2 thumbs up

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