How to Colorize Old Black & White Photos with PhotoGlory

If you have inherited some of very old photographs from some of your relatives, then you may want to take special steps to preserve them for your progeny. Since the photographs could be very old, the first step you should take is that you should convert them into the electronic format which would save them against the future physical damage, decomposition, decay and discoloration.

Another step that you might take is to colorize the old black and white photographs which would make them appear more life like. Even though the old black and white photographs carry their own charm not to mention a feeling of nostalgia, colored photographs look more appealing to the eyes.

With the help of an image editor software PhotoGlory, you can automatically add color to your scanned black & white photos. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your photographs and apply colors to them. It also has a manual colorization module but that is available only in the paid version. Here is how you can auto-colorize your black and white photographs:

  1. First of all, you have to install PhotoGlory on your PC. You can download PhotoGlory from During the installation it downloads many more files from the PC.
  2. Launch PhotoGlory and open your scanned black & white picture by clicking on the Open Photo button. You can also use the File menu to open your photo.PhotoGlory
  3. Once the picture has been opened in PhotoGlory, select the Enhancement tab on the top, select the Main tab from the right side and then click on the Colorize black and white photo button.PhotoGlory
  4. It is going to take some time to analyze your photo and then apply the colors as it finds suitable. For my Intel Core i3 computer with 4GB RAM, it took only around a minute to process the image and produce a beautiful colored photo.PhotoGlory

PhotoGlory is an excellent image editor for enhancing your pictures, colorize the old B&W photos, retouch them or add effects. However, some of its features are locked in the free version.