TTclock : Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch for Windows

Windows does come with a clock that stays in the taskbar in the notification area, but this clock is just a simple clock. It does not offer any advanced features such as a timer or alarm clock. Fortunately there are many useful third-party clock software available for Windows. One of these clock software is TTclock.

TTclock is a Windows application that offers many time related functions – it is a desktop clock, a timer, an alarm and can also be used as a stopwatch. It is a portable application and does not require any installation. You can launch many instances of TTclock – using one for alarm, another for timer and so on. When you launch multiple instances of TTclock, each of the TTclock windows displays the number in the window title.

TTclock has a very small window and displays the current time when launched. Under the clock, we can see three tabs – Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch. We can switch to any of these tabs in order to use the respective functions. This is the control panel mode. If you double-click on the TTclock window, it will go back and forth between the clock mode and the control panel mode. The clock mode displays only the current time just like a regular clock. The control panel displays all the different functions that TTclock has to offer.


We can also switch to the clock mode either by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard or by choosing the option from the menubar. From the menubar we can also switch between 12 hour and 24 hour modes. It displays the seconds in the clock, but we can change the options to remove the seconds from the menubar.

When a timer or alarm is triggered, it plays sound on your PC to inform you. We can choose from various sounds such as Cuckoo, Kongas, Ding and Rooster. In addition, we can also choose custom sound files by placing the WAV files in the same folder as TTclock.exe.

TTclock is a very useful application for all the Windows’ users. It has many features to offers such as a pure clock, timer, alarm clock, and a stop watch. It is portable and didn’t use any system resources when we tested it on a Windows 10 PC.

You can download TTclock from