How to Jump to Registry Keys Instantly in Registry Editor

If you are an advanced Windows user or a system administrator then you probably have to work with the Windows Registry Editor very often. This is because Windows stores almost all its settings and other information inside the Registry. This registry is saved inside a number of large files which are loaded as soon as you start your Windows PC.

Usually the changes to the Windows registry are made through the system, various Windows applications or third-party applications and more. But as a system admin, sometimes you have to manually edit the entries in the Windows Registry. This involves opening the Windows Registry Editor, browsing the hives to the particular Registry keys and then make the changes.

But what if you could just instantly jump to any Registry key? This is possible by a command line interface tool called RegJump. As the name suggests, this tool helps you jump to any Registry key that you want. Using this tool is also very easy. It works in two modes – by reading the Registry key from the clipboard, and by reading the registry key as a parameter. In both cases, the tool requires administrator privileges.


In the first mode, you have to just give the command regjump.exe -c which will automatically read the Registry key that you have copied in the clipboard. You can associate this command to a hotkey on your PC and then all you have to do is copy any Registry key path to the clipboard using Ctrl+C followed by that hotkey. It will instantly jump to that registry key.


The second mode is purely for command line interface use. In this mode you have to specify the Registry key as a parameter, for example, regjump.exe “HKCU\Software\Microsoft” and it will take you to that key. As with other commands, if the Registry key path has any space in it, then you should enclose it within double-quotes.

You can download RegJump from