Liquib Screensaver Brings Amazing Effects to Windows PC

So Windows 11 has finally been released by Microsoft. Perhaps you have already upgraded to Windows 11 by now. I myself have upgraded the hardware as well by adding a newer SSD and more RAM. This is going to ensure that Windows 11 runs smoothly on the same old Windows 10 PC.

But you can add to the experience by installing a new screensaver such as Liquib. This screensaver takes your images and manipulates them in such a way that you can do nothing but enjoy the mesmerizing graphics. According to the developer, this screensaver treats the graphics images as fluids and then adds fluid effects to it. The fluid effects may include adding drops, ripples, waves and other distortions that can occur in a liquid.

After the installation of Liquib screen saver on your PC, it gives you an option to make it the default screen saver. You can also set it as the default screen saver from the Windows settings. In the screen saver list, it will appear as Liquib.

Liquib Screensaver

In the settings for Liquib, you can add images to the image gallery, you can add a folder containing all of your images, you can choose a folder containing music files that are played when the screen saver is active, and more. If you decide to enable the audio playback, it displays a small audio player on the screen saver screen.

You can also make changes to the control and effects settings to modify how it manipulates the images from your image gallery. It include a large number of tools such as stylus, stretch, grow, comb, shrink, contort, rumple, warp, spray and more. There are also a large number of effects such as drop, bubble, wave, vortex, melt, flow, quake, aura, frost, mirage, etc.

Liquib Screensaver

Liquib is a free screensaver for Windows and works just fine under Windows 11. It can produce stunning images with your collection of pictures. You can also enjoy listening to music as the screen saver is turned on.

You can download the free version of Liquib screensaver for Windows from