How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 11

In the older versions of Windows operating system, it was a complicated task to reset the network settings. We have to reset the network settings when something goes wrong and we cannot use the internet using one or more interfaces. No matter what changes we make in that situation, it does not seem to resolve the problem. This is when we can reset the network settings and start fresh.

In the previous versions of Windows, we had to open either a cmd.exe prompt or PowerShell window and then give a series of commands to reset the network. But Windows 11 makes resetting network configuration very easy.  Here is how it is done on a Windows 11 PC:

Note: You will lose internet access after following these steps. Your PC will be restarted and you may have to reinstall networking device drivers. You may have to manually configure network adapters after this in order to connect to the internet.

  1. Press Win+I to open the Settings.
  2. Select Network & internet category from the left side.Reset Windows 11 Network Settings
  3. Click on the Advanced network settings.
  4. Under More settings, click on Network reset.Reset Windows 11 Network Settings
  5. Click on the Reset now button to reset your PC’s network settings.Reset Windows 11 Network Settings

This action will remove all your networking adapters, and set other networking components back to their default original settings. If you have installed any VPN software (some antivirus and other security software might install VPN software in the background), then those virtual adapters are also removed.

If you have been using a virtualization software such as VMWare Workstation, VMWare Player, Oracle VirtualBox etc., then their networking components may also get removed. You will have to reinstall them so that they can also install their networking components on Windows.

Before you follow the above steps, make sure you have any such required device drivers, networking software, VPN or virtualization software ready so that you can reinstall them all back like before.