Erase Online or Offline Activity from PC with ACleaner

As you start using your Windows PC regularly, you are accumulating a bunch of files and settings on the PC that can be used to track down how you have been using your PC. These are called user tracks and using some special software we can scan a software for finding our the user history whether online or offline.

This is why some privacy conscious people use track or history eraser programs. These programs can find and remove all the user history from the local storage drive. Acleaner is also one of these history eraser programs for Windows. It can be used to erase the common computer usage or your online activities.

In addition, it is also able to find and fix any errors in the Windows registry. It can find all sorts of problems in the registry such as missing files, missing drivers, invalid entries and orphan or left-behind entries. Using this registry optimizer is is very easy – we just have to select the type of errors that we wish to scan for and then click on the “Scan registry issue” button’. The tool creates a backup of your registry before making any changes so that you can restore the older registry if such a need arises.


Apart from cleaning the user tracks and repairing the Windows’ registry issues, it also comes with a few useful tools. These tools include a startup manager, a backup tool for Windows and another backup tool for Windows’ registry. It comes with secure delete option which overwrites files with random characters multiple times so that they cannot be recovered.

ACleaner supports plugins using which we can add support for cleaning the tracks left behind by many other third-party programs. It supports all the versions of Windows starting from the very old Windows 9x to the recent versions of Windows 10.

You can download ACleaner from