Image to PDF : Convert Any Picture into PDF File

PDF files have been around for many decades and they are still very popular. They have become so popular for many reasons, for example, they stay the same irrespective of the PDF viewer application and the operating system. Another reason is that it is very easy to print them off any printer. They give you more control over what is going to be printed using any PDF viewer application such as PDF-XChange Viewer. You can choose the margins, borders, orientation, color and other things when printing so easily. In addition, many printers have in-built support for PDF files.

This is why it makes sense that we first convert images to PDF before printing them using any printer. You can use a free software called Image to PDF to convert a number of images into a PDF file. It can be used to convert a single image to a single PDF file, or we can convert multiple images and create a single PDF file using them all. It supports many different image file formats such as BMP, WBMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, PSD, ICO, PCX, TGA, JP2 and more.

When installing Image to PDF, it downloads PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and asks you to install them. You can click on Cancel button to refuse installing them. It depends entirely on the end user to make this decision. Your antivirus software also might block this adware.

Image to PDF

The user interface of Image to PDF is very modern. You can add image files or folders containing those files by clicking on the respective buttons. It also supports drag-n-drop interface so that you can drag your image files on its window in order to add them.

Image to PDF

After adding image files, you can configure PDF properties such as paper size, page orientation, margins, position of images, image compression, quality, title, author, subject and keywords. You can also preview the PDF by clicking on the Preview button. Clicking on the Start Convert button will initiate the conversion and create the PDF files.

You can download Image to PDF from