Listen to Music with @MAX Tray Player for Windows

Even though Microsoft Windows comes with Windows Media Player which is quite capable of playing all sorts of music files, some of the users prefer a small and lightweight audio player. I personally like small audio players such as 1by1 or XMPlay. If you also want a music player that resembles the good old WinAmp and is able to play all kinds of music files including MP3 and FLAC, then you can try @MAX Tray Player.

This audio player is not portable like 1by1 but it is very lightweight. As the title of this audio player suggests, it places itself in the taskbar of the Windows desktop. In the taskbar it shows all the essential controls for playing the audio such as play, pause, stop, open and more.

But before you can start playing audio files using this audio player, we have to load the audio files. For this we can simply click on the open window and choose the audio files that we want to add to the playlist. Now you can click on the play button and start listening to the music. We can open the full window of Tray Player by clicking on the maximize button in the taskbar.

Max Tray Player

From the Tray Player window, you can edit the playlist, add files, add folders and more. The user interface resembles that of the once popular audio player WinAmp. If you have used WinAmp or XMPlay before, then you will find yourself in familiar waters.

As if the convenient taskbar buttons are not enough, it supports the hotkeys too. The hotkeys can be used to control the playback easily. But these hotkeys are not the same as those used by WinAmp. Tray Player uses hotkeys that are made in combination with the Win logo key.

Max Tray Player

@MAX Tray Player is a lightweight audio player for Windows. In our tests, we found that uses very minimal system resources and keeps running in the background. If you want an audio player that does not interfere with other open windows, then it is the right choice for you.

You can download @MAX Tray Player from